Jesus and Star Wars 1

I watched the new Star Wars film last night (don’t worry there will be no spoilers!)…

But I was thinking about some of the big themes of the original. Most notably in the (dreadful) prequels show someone turning from being a goodie to a baddie,  yet the classic Star Wars movies show the conflict between good and evil within us all, Darth Vader ‘more machine than man now’ still has the spark of goodness visible at the end of the return of the Jedi, in many ways echoes of the thief of the cross next to Jesus, a last minute repentance, which sees him appear to Luke alongside Obi Wan Kenobi at the end of the film “Return of the Jedi”.
Yet we also see the seduction of evil, Luke looks like he will ‘give into the  dark side’, during that battle sequence… Their fight is not just against each other and what each other stands for, but a fight WITHIN themselves.
Interestingly Star Wars aactualy understands that people can’t simply be placed into a category of ‘Goodie or Baddie’ but it is a bit more complex than that.
A quote I once read said “every saint has a past and every sinner a future”.
There is a story I once heard of  a wise man talking to his son, he said “us all having two dogs within us, one which is full of spite, violence, bitterness, envy send malice, the other dog is full of compassion, kindness, Grace, love, holiness etc” the child asked, “which one wins?” The dad replied “the one you feed”.
The apostle Paul gets this conflict in his nature, when he writes in Romans 7, about “the good he wants to do he doesn’t do and the wrong things he doesn’t want to do he does”.
Yet he ends by praising Christ who rescues us, when we know we need supernatural help beyond us and own abilities to behave we discover something of what Christ meant when he talked about being blessed about being poor in spirit, and in weakness Christ is strong.
The Jedi are dependent on and empowered by the fictional “the force” yet for the Christian the God of the universe fights for us, “God of Heaven living in me”.
We are called to fight the darkness we all find within us, but we don’t fight up with our own strength, we fight it with the same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the grave who is active within us, proving the truth of “he that is within us is greater than he that is in the world”.
The light shines, we are people of the light, in Christ -the light of the world- the darkness has to flee…

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