Jesus and Star Wars 2


Okay another piece on Star Wars…
Having recently watched the new Star Wars film and remembering the old ones, I remember that the power people had at their finger tips from the force was something they discovered as the journeyed on. In the process we see Luke discovering the force can be used both in times of Crisis as well as ordinarily.
It made me think a bit about us as Christians and the power of the Holy Spirit.
But before someone starts getting stroppy, I realize that the Holy Spirit is personal rather than the force in Star Wars which is impersonal, also the Holy Spirit is only ever Holy and Good, what’s the only thing God can’t do? The answer is ‘Sin’… There is no dark-side  of the Holy Spirit, he is purely good and loves to empower his people.
Yet when we see in Star Wars characters discovering a power greater than themselves that is able to change themselves and change those around them, Christians have the promise of the Holy Spirit not just with them or as an ally, but dwelling WITHIN them, equipping and empowering us both in those dramatic high tension moments of our lives as well as in the normal ordinary monotony of our every day existence.
We see the Holy Spirit hoovering over creation, actively involved in creating the cosmos.  The Apostle Paul describes this power working within us as ‘the same power  which raised Jesus from the dead’, describing God’s power working in and through his Saints (holy people, you and me, made holy by Christ’s death on the cross) as “more than we can ask or imagine”, in speaking of the Holy Spirit we are told that “he that is within us is greater than he that is within the world” and yet we as Christians live as those we are powerless, left high and dry by Christ, which simply isn’t true. Jesus said; “You will do greater things than me”, Luke’s double volume (Luke and Acts) has a very clever theme, we see Jesus doing the miracles of the patriarchs (healing the sick, raising the dead and even having authority over nature) and going beyond them, and then we see the first generation of disciples doing what Jesus did, and then as the narrative of the Acts of the Apostles moves on we see 2nd and 3rd generation Christians doing what Jesus did, the idea shows that this is meant to be normative Christianity, working and living in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was powerfully at work in communities that those practicing the occult wanted to buy the Holy Spirits power as it was so much greater than anything they had to offer.
And yet we as Christian don’t fully realize either who we are ‘heirs equipped with the God of heaven living within us who longs to work in us and through us to see his Kingdom established on earth as in heaven”.
Lets be people like Luke Skywalker, not unaware of God’s power, love and desire to work through his dearly loved people.

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