Jesus and Star Wars 3

Star Wars seems to have a whole Messiah-Saviour thing going on in the films…

As the people are living under tyranny of the empire, powerless to take on this seemingly undefeatable foe, they wait hopefully and expectantly for the one who is to come.

They can’t, despite their best efforts, save themselves.

Hope looks futile, unless seen through the eyes of faith.

After all the Empire is huge. Darth Vader is too bigger an enemy.

The eventual Messiah, looks too young and fresh faced and vulnerable to take on the might of this giant.

A ‘David and Goliath’ type picture… The triumph of the one who is seemingly the underdog.

In many ways, this echoes with our world today, if ever we need Hope is now; both nationally and internationally it is easy to despair “we are doomed Captain Mannering”-oops wrong film!

Yet Isaiah talks about the darkness not putting out the light of hope, in fact however dark the darkness gets, darkness cannot put out the light of hope.

Hope is something more than a vague optimism that everything will be okay.

For the Christian our hope is not simply based on feelings, no our hope ‘which does not disappoint us’  is a living hope, in is based not on an emotion of a vague sense of I’m sure it’ll be okay, but as it says in the first chapter of the second Epistle of Peter our  hope is a LIVING HOPE, it’s a person, it’s Jesus Christ, God himself, the overcomer of hell, sin and death, the one who is always faithful and we can trust, the one who died and rose again and will return and will restore his rule and reign and bring in his Kingdom on earth as in heaven

It’s a living hope, because the grave could not, and could never hold him.

For the Christian we know that evil will not get the last word.

Any victory the enemy gets is temporary and partial.

For the Christian it is knowing that this is not the end of the story, and that the end of the story will be glorious.

Someone once said, “it will be all alright in the end, if its not alright it is not the end”.

Christimas is saying the light of the world literally stepped down into  darkness,

The Holy one was surrounded by depravity.

The King born into poverty as a refugee.

Yet when our Saviour arrived he was born as a weak and vulnerable baby, not what anyone expected, living in a place where nothing good could come.

Christmas is saying that God intervenes in humanities darkest moment.

In fact from birth until his dying breath, Christ took on the worst that humanity could throw at him, and yet he rose from the grave untainted and uncontaminated by all that has been thrown at him.

Our hope may look to the rest of the world like a bizzare hope, but one that is utterly faithful and true, a Messiah who may not look like a Hollywood hero, but did rescue us from far more than just a few storm troopers and a very grumpy dad in funny costumes, Christ rescues us from hell, sin and death. He rescued us by laying down his life for us. He rescued us by his death and resurrection.

Hope not just for us here and now, but an eternal hope, that cannot spoil, fade or be stolen but embodied in our Saviour, who is within us, and we in him, secure in his unchanging love that we cannot be snatched from his hand.

In the midst of darkness and uncertainty, the Christian has the light of hope which goes beyond the grave.


One thought on “Jesus and Star Wars 3

  1. paintingman says:

    “it will be all alright in the end, if its not alright it is not the end” is yet another film…….. ….. Marigold Hotel.

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