All Change…

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”

Change happens all the time and nearly everything changes…
Everything changes, although things do change at different rates and speeds.
Change is unavoidable.
I’m away at the moment and have gone back to Eastbourne where I used to live from 10-19…
Yet, going back now it doesn’t feel like home, many the familiar places have changed -my local pub -the Waverly- has become a nursery-, the Arndale centre is bring converted into an arty glass funky arcade.
It’s just not how I remember it, and that is a little bit sad and a little bit unsettling.
People have changed too, saw both my Godsons, 13 and 17 now, both look different having grown and changed, I feel sad that I’m not around more and see them grow up, the sadness comes from the missed experience.
There is something nice about finding places and people just as you remember them, like the conversations carry on just as though you’d not been away.
In many ways this verse, echoes something about Gods unchangeableness, the anchor image of faithful, dependable, trustworthiness, stability in the chaos of life.
Yet change although feels different can be a good thing, the little struggling church, All Souls’ Eastbourne, now crams in 200ish people mainly young families, on a Sunday morning, which is a good change. I’m glad it’s grown.
 Change can be good.
I get bored too easily sometimes so things staying fresh is importing to me…
I am (often unaware) changing all the time, new things shape, challenge, mold us… And my relationship with God develops, not because he changes but because I do and I discover new things, I see things in new ways, I experience more of him… And that’s great.
So let’s praise God that he doesn’t change, and cling onto his goodness, grace and love for those changes we struggle with.
And let us praise God that we do, and are able to learn more, grow and go deeper, keeping our relationship with him fresh, dynamic and exciting.
There is something wonderful about the paradox of a God who never changes but we and the world we are in are ever changing and our revelation of him grows…

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