The Bride of Christ is not Sleeping Beauty…

The Bride of Christ is not sleeping beauty… This phrase resonated with  me.

We are Christs body, Christs hands and feet on earth, it is a call to action, it is a call to whole life discipleship, following Jesus with everything we have got.

I remember once saying “if you want a comfortable quiet life, then run away from Jesus Christ, because he never promised a quiet life of insignificance for his followers”…

He promised us life (Jn.10.10).

Life in all its fullness.

Life in technicolor.

Life that is a white knuckle ride.

Life Jesus promises certainly wont be dull or boring.

Yet it probably will involve being inconvenienced, it will involve sacrifice, it will involve lots of behind the scenes unglamourous slog…

I believe that God is calling his Church to rise from its slumber and roll up its sleeves, try I think the Church often just taps the snooze button…

Unkeen to kick off the duvet unless the serving coincides with what they want to do, or where they want to go.

Having been a Church leader for just under a decade, I’ve largely found people fall into shirkers or workers, which are we?

Do we today need to get up and not hit the spiritual snooze button?

Is bringing glory to Jesus a cause worth getting out of bed for?

God is calling his bride to be awake, alert, dressed and ready for action.

Are you in?

Are you up for it?



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