Bond, Blair, Brosnan and the Bible…

Don’t worry this isn’t a majorly political rant!
I have been following the rise of new Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn with interest, a principled man, who has forced the Labour Party to ask the question: “Who are we? What are we about? Why are we here? Who do we represent?”
Tony Blairs biography is interesting as a Church leader as he first has to win the internal fights within the party in order to  reach out with this compelling vision to the nation. He created a new party, New Labour, where as Corbyn’s vision is to renew Labour returning it back to its roots and origins.
For some Tony Blair is  a hero, for some he sold out on what was authentically the Labour Party? Compromises to court popularity, especially in relation to the Murdoch Press.
Daniel Craig took over from a reasonably successful James Bond, Pierce Brosnan’s Bond had done pretty well at the Box-office and re-energized what had appeared to be a dying franchise at the end on the 90’s. The adage of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seemed apt, and yet in, not settling for safe and secure and good, they re-imagined and went onto great.
The key to their success,  was going back to the heart of what the original vision was all
about, returning to the books of Ian Flemming’s James Bond.
Are we settling to be like Pierce Brosnon, looking to what has worked in the past, rather than re-imagining a new future?
I think the Church is a lot like the Labour party, have we forgotten why we exist?
-We exist for the advancement of the Kingdom God, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”-
Yet are we prepared to have those tough conversations within ourselves, and with one another,  to work out what is the dust of a previous era? What is simply our preferences?
And what is the core unchanging and life transforming message of Jesus Christ?
Are we  in danger of costly compromise, offering people ‘gospel lite’?
Or have we gone back to the heart and source of the original vision of God revealed by the Spirit primarily through the pages of scripture?
Let us look at ourselves and think do we need a reinvention and make over? Or do we need to discover afresh who we were meant and designed to be?

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