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How not to make Disciples.

Do check out this fab clip of Francis Chan talking about how not to make Disciples…


Check out more great resources at http://vergenetwork.org Francis Chan – How Not To Make Disciples

He’s right isn’t he? -I think he is…

You know I’ve been on courses where we have talked a lot about mission, but that’s not the same as actually sharing our stories of Jesus with our friends, families, colleagues and neighbors.

I’ve heard wonderful sermons on prayer during which I have written a shed load of notes, but all pretty useless unless I actually pray!

I have (I’m ashamed to say) had holy good intentions when I’ve bought a new bible and some great daily notes but they’ve sat on the shelf unread.

I’ve been massively moved by books about Justice and Social Action, yet unless I actually do something about challenging injustice and showing love the hurting, marginalized, broken and disenfranchised.

It is easy to write a blog on being Holy, but much harder to actually resist that temptation which trips us up!

I’ve liked facebook posts about forgiveness, whilst struggling to let go and forgive people who’ve hurt me.

I’ve been massively challenged by Shane Claiborne when he talks about the difference between “being a believer” -a passive thing- rather than “being a follower”.

Someone once said “The Christian life hasn’t been tried and found wanting, mostly it simply hasn’t been tried at all”… You see Christianity is not about quoting the right books, or THE book, or knowing the right songs, or saying the right stuff but actually about living it out in every area of our lives, which is so much harder and more difficult and more of a challenge to simply have “all the gear but no idea”, looking the part is not enough, it is about authentically living it out.

Someone also said about “actions speaking louder than our words” and although I am not attacking speaking, I think there needs to be something of a catch up between the two.

I remember reading something deeply profound about Archbishop Michael Ramsey -a very holy old man- who said to God once in his prayer time, “I want to be Holy” before realising he didn’t and so he said “I want to, want to be Holy”, and then felt challenged and so he said “I want to, want to, want be Holy”. Allowing God to meet him where he actually was rather than where he’d like to be, allow us to seek help from one another about living out our faith in those real, authentic, accountable relationships. being real.

Let’s not be a Church of good intentions and good aspirations, but lets be the people of God together with God’s helps and the support of one another, lets be living out the Kingdom beautifully in our brokeness to transform our world for its King.



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