Holiness, Temptation

Rolls Royce and the cliff edge…

Oscar Wilde famously once said “I can resist everything except temptation”.

The truth is we are all vulnerable from temptation…

Sadly we often see in the news headlines prominent Christian leaders fall from grace because of (often) Money, Sex Or Power.

The problem most people think, “it won’t happen to me”, but it can, it might and sadly it does happen to people like you and me.

Watch your back.

AND watch the backs of your brothers and sisters in Christ too.

At the start of Lent I’d urge us all to put in place a bit of accountability around these areas where we know we might struggle, and not to hang around in those places where we are vulnerable to temptation.

Many of you might have heard the story of Mike Pilavachi eating an entire chocolate cake, the problem didn’t happen when he first nicked a tiny bit of icing, but actually when he opened the fridge door.

Another story, I heard was of a rich old women who lived up bendy old road at the top of the mountain, on certain points there was a sheer drop where the road was really narrow, she drove a rather large Rolls Royce. She wanted a chauffeur, and put in an advert in the local paper three people got called for an interview, she asked them all the same question, “how close to the edge could you get me without placing me in danger?” The first said “I am a great driver and I know Rolls Royces very well, I can get you to within a foot of the edge of the cliff!” The second said “I can get you within six inches of the edge because I’m even better at driving Rolls Royces” the third said “Madam, if I were you chauffeur I wouldn’t take you anywhere near the edge”. Guess which one got the job?

The Bible talks about “Not giving the enemy a foothold”.

At the start of the Lent, lets make sure we are all people who finish the race and finish well, don’t get cocky and take holiness, accountability and wisdom really, really  seriously.



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