Church, Discipleship

Disciples made during services whilst you wait.

People often talk about making disciples.

Yet sometimes I think we need to ask what we mean by making disciples.
Today I had a fantastic meeting the Alison who is the local coordinator of Messy Church in this region, and is helping with the next Mission Shaped Ministry day… I asked the old chestnut about Messy Church and Discipleship; “How does Messy Church make disciples?” and then realized that the question we ought to ask but never do is “Does traditional Church make disciples?”
I wondered actually are disciples ‘MADE’ by simply rocking up to a service hearing a talk and and singing some songs?
The more I think about discipleship, I don’t think discipleship is something that is done “TO” us but rather something we pursue with other Christians together as a learning, growing, shaping and transforming community.
Its a journey together not as an individual.
This Lent don’t let it just be you and your relationship with Christ, but needs to be rooted in a community rooting for you, loving you which needs you and you need them.
As I began to think of discipleship I began to think about “Church Services” and wondered we never hear about Church Services in the book of Acts or the early Church, rather it was a being part of an organic and indigenous community, known as followers of the way, marked our not by WHERE they worshipped; not the building or the rituals but rather a community together living a different counter cultural way.
I often wonder if all the effort and work we put into Church services is the best was of spending our time, does a lot of what we do as Churches make us feel like we are at least doing something, rather than asking is what are doing actually achieving what it is God is calling us to do?
Lets ask the question, how did we become Christians and how did we become disciples, and how can we do more of that?
I do think worshipping together is really helpful.
It is good to have teaching from the Bible.
It is good to have believers together in the same place.
Yet is an hour a week detached from the rest of our lives really what God had in mind?
What does it mean to be a community together?
Or what does it mean to be family, to REALLY be family? Family is so much more challenging than Community!
What do I need to help me become the most effective follower of Jesus I can be?
What do you need to help you become the most effective follower of Jesus you can be?
How can we help and encourage each other?

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