Beware 3G.

I was told the other evening beware the 3G’s (I thought 3G was for your phone) but no, I was told that the three things than derail many Christians is money, sex and power, or Glory, Gold and Girls (if you are female and reading this blog the alteration doesn’t work!).
Yet this prompted an interesting conversation, people were saying which one they were weakest and most susceptible too, which made me wonder if we think we are reasonably sorted and controlled in one area, that is probably a dangerous place to be.Yet we do hear people say “I’m not too effected by money” or “I think my marriage is pretty secure, I don’t think I’ll be lured away” or “the whole glory ego stuff isn’t really my big weakness” I think “I’ll be okay”.

It made me ask “are we more vulnerable when we know we are vulnerable?”
Or “Are we more vulnerable when we think we aren’t vulnerable?”

The Bible talks of ‘beware lest we fall’ the danger is that sometimes our confidence is actually over confidence and often misplaced.

The question I’d ask, is if you know you are vulnerable, what steps have you put in to safeguard yourself? Before I was married I didn’t have the internet in my home as didn’t want to get tempted to do something stupid… What’s it for you?

I want to think today about a guy who I  think probably wrestled with all of the three G’s, he was a warrior King with people singing his praises it would have been easy to believe your own press, he was King in a time of prosperity and so would have had wealth and riches at his disposal (sounds like the whole Gold issue was an issue for his son King Solomon), but the one we are looking at today is the “Girl”. David’s infamous scandal with Bathsheba.

Firstly we read in the Bible that David wasn’t fighting with his men, he wasn’t where he should be, there is an old adage about the devil finding work for idol hands, if you are not where you should be and doing what you should do, you are more available to do the things you shouldn’t do. -The Bible talks of using your time wisely as knows how easy when we have time on our hands we can end up getting ourselves into trouble.

Secondly we read that David was on the roof of the evening, which is often where people had baths etc, its the place of the Peeping Tom.

Its here that he spots a woman taking a bath who he becomes instantly infatuated with.

Although he had a whole load of wives his appetite wasn’t satisfied. Donald Trump was once asked “How rich is rich enough?” to which he replied “just a little bit more!

The problem with envy, is we never think of what we have, but what we haven’t got.

Then from the seed of lust planted in his head (NB. Jesus said ‘if anyone looks at someone lustfully they have committed adultery in their heart’) it gives birth to action, he sends for her.

Then from being in the wrong place, it leads to thinking the wrong thing which leads to doing the wrong thing.

If this is not bad enough, the  story continues and sin snow balls as David tries to cover up his sin, which ends up in a loyal and innocent man being murdered…

The problem is we end up on sins highway, and end up 20, 60 or 100 miles away from where you meant to be in just a few moments.

The Bible talks of guarding your heart and mind, “make every thought captive to the blood of Jesus”.

An image that I find helpful when thinking about Holiness, is of the devil is dropping seeds into our highly fertile minds, yet we have choice about whether or not we let these seeds germinate and become strongholds that end up destroying us and those around us or we pluck them out of our heads, we focus on different things, we keep ourselves from harms way and in keeping our hearts and minds right before God.

In our society we often try to pretend that what happens in our head doesn’t spill out into our lives, but the truth is we reap what we so, from our hearts and minds everything else springs.

So, beware the 3G’s and guard your hearts and minds.


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