Acts of Service, Church, welcome

JFK, clean toilets and sparkling toilets.

John F Kennedy once asked “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country”.

A great quote that challenged the consumerist mindset. A mindset which sadly has crept into Christ’s  Church.
We as Christians are meant to follow Christ who “came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many”… Our leaders demonstration of leadership was to take off his robe and wash the camel crap of the feet of Judas Iscariot who was to bring about his death in the most horrific means imaginable.
The problem is we sometimes let who creep in, a sense of entitlement, or just simply oblivious to the work that needs doing that surrounds us.
Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy once joked that they hid a spaceship behind an invisibility cloak of “someone else’s problem”.
You see no one wants to do the grotty jobs, a Vicar friend of a ‘large successful’ Church once said “it is easier to find someone to preach from the Pulpit than to clean it”.
Another friend, had a habit of cleaning the toilets as the last job he did of an evening in the Church hall after he spoke at the youth events, because he said he “needed to do it” in order to stop pride going to his head.
I wonder is we work so hard at making people feel welcome in our churches that people feel like guests rather than part of the family…
When I was a teenager my parents would complain that “you treat this place like a hotel” spiritually we sometimes need to feel not like spiritual consumers but as contributors.
I’ll end was a quote I thought was thought provoking…
“They say there is no I in team, but there is three in responsibility…”
We have a responsibility to live a life of service to see Christ glorified as we bless those around us, living those bright and salty lives, it’s not about us.
I believe we are called to live for Christ in the service of others.

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