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Some Lessons from Puppy Training…

We have a new puppy Teddy.

The world of Dogs and Puppies is a new world for us, but one we are beginning to enjoy exploring.
Learning to nip our bad habits in the bud.
The first thing is that dogs need training, they need to know what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t.
Most young animals bite and explore using their mouth, it’s normal, but as no one minds a puppy gently chewing your finger but no one wants a Great Dane munching your arm.
If the puppy is never taught not to bite, the problem will grow and become worse.
A great rule is, let’s deal with things early, let’s challenge minor stuff before it grows and grows; better to deal with a chewy puppy that face the jaws of the hound of the Baskervilles!
A dog needs to learn to hear their masters voice, and are trained to leave their distraction and coming running. Wow! What a picture, I want to hear my master (Gods) voice, leave any distraction and come running.
Puppies however would much rather be eating your slippers than running to your side.
They learn however that obedience is something which brings reward and blessing.
A lesson I need to learn as do I not heed the Fathers call when I am too busy simply chewing a slipper?
But the hard work happens beyond the Puppy Class.
The other lesson I have learned from puppy classes is about “putting the work in at home”.
Just sitting in a class for an hour a week is not going to train our puppy for life.
Yet sadly many Christians think partaking in a religious service and sitting politely through a sermon, will somehow transform us, without us having to put any work in ourselves.
Its easy to know the theory with training puppies, or living the Christian life, but making the theory our default setting is a much tougher, longer and more challenging journey.
Let’s be brave and sort things out early (saving us problems long terms!)
Let’s learn to hear our masters voice (learning to avoid those distracting slippers and learning the joy and reward of obedience).
Let us take our discipleship seriously not just for an hour a week at special classes.
What do you reckon?

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