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I wish I’d looked after my teeth!

I hate going to the Dentist.

I’ll do anything to avoid going… in fact I only go when it reaches crisis point and I’m officially in agony!

The problem this is actually pretty stupid, as if I was good and went to the dentist every six months or so, would probably catch any problems early before they got to crisis point.

More over being an idiot, as the pain in my teeth increased, rather than sorting it out, I popped painkillers hoping it would magically go away.

Yet this ended up with some painful root canal treatment and a £220 bill!

As I was waiting in the waiting room, I began to think this is a lot like life, we only deal with things when they become urgent, often we ignore the signs and nudges to sort out the things than need dealing with before they become urgent.

How sometimes we hide the urgency with ‘pain-killers’ as a form of self-denial, putting it off for another day, until OUGH…

Our we dealing with the symptoms, or do the costly and painful (but beneficial) call and allow God to deal with the root.

Sitting in that dentists’ chair realized that it was a picture both of surrender, I know I have come to the end of my resources to deal (or at least mask) the real issues, I need someone to do what cannot, and I have to trust them.

Would we let God deal with the painful roots?

Do I trust him to deal with the the stuff below the surface?

Do we surrender? Do we trust him?

Am I at the point of surrender? The point when I am desperate?

So, was I thinking what God trying to say to you at the moment?

Are you listening or drowning him out with pain-killers (one guy, a friend of mine, had/has an awesome call on his life) described it as “God wanting to call me, but I left the answerphone on”.

Have you got the answerphone on?

Scripture says “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts”

Are you avoiding dealing with something that you know God is calling you to deal with? Or do something that you’ve out off for another day? A dream that is yet to be seized? A call that’s needs to be responded too?

There is a business theory adapted from Jahari’s Window, which splits every task into 1) Important but not urgent, 2) Urgent but not important, 3) not important or urgent 4) Important and Urgent.

The theory is we waste too much time on what is neither important or urgent, or perhaps on urgent and important, but where the wise time in invested most wisely  is in the important but not urgent, so

when the time is right we are fully prepared for what needs to be done.

Scripture urges us to be wise in how we deal with time, our God given gift.

What are our priorities?

What are his priories for our lives?

Scripture urges us to:Be wise in the way you act towards outsiders; make the most of every opportunity” (Col.4.4).

Although I am loathed to quote Greek in blogs (as normally it is just pretentious!) its worth noting that there are two words for time (when in English we only have one!) these are “Chronos” (where we get the idea of Chronological, time in sequence) or the other word “Kairos”, talks about God’s time and timing…

How do we use our time?

How do we use his time?

So let’s not neglect walking and listening closely, doing the brave and right thing, letting God lead, direct and deal with that which needs his hand alone? Or do we resist the Kairos time breaking in until everything else has failed?

I’ll close with Pam Ayres poem “I wish I’d looked after my teeth”


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