Paradox, Salvation, Theology

You wouldn’t take a cockroach to the vets.

I was reading a Blog today which called this week, traditionally known as Holy Week as UNholy week.

After-all the first Holy Week, was far from Holy, with its central event was a massive miscarriage of justice, politician maneuvering, dodging responsibilities, a really unhealthy alliance between State and religious extremism… We see state sponsored torture and barbarism, voyeurism, officials dodging responsibility, a friend betraying a friend for money, cowardice in the face of adversity, lies and denial for self preservation…

And we see the mob, this fickle group of people who turned from shouting ‘hosanna’ to ‘crucify’, showing blood-lust and hunger for violence and death.

Yet n the midst of all this truly ugly, horrible behavior we see the most beautiful self giving love.
Here Jesus saw humanity at its very worst.
Jesus must have looked around at this degenerate people, in a depraved society and a dysfunctional religious/political system… and it is amazing that he did walk away and say “they are not worth saving”.
God knows each of us better than we know ourselves, all our mixed motives and sinful behaviors, he sees us at our worst, and yet amazingly he still loves us.

This is at the heart of what I find most amazing about the gospel, it was when we far from God, his enemies, that Christ died for us.

Just take a moment to think of “dying for your enemy”.
I heard someone say on the radio once that ‘you wouldn’t take a cockroach to the vets’… why would you show love to something that has done nothing to earn it, in fact has only caused pain by its rebellion from God.
The amazing thing is that we are all worst sinners than we all realize… and yet at our worst and least lovable, Christ still died for us…
There is a famous song which talks about the cross and it says “it was my sin that held him there until it was accomplished” but that’s not quite true, Jesus wasn’t compelled to die by my sin, he chose to die for me.
It was HIS LOVE that held him there.
He loved me, and he took my sin, upon his shoulders.
He died in my place.
We forget sometimes that we did nothing to earn this.
When we take communion we kneel before God, empty handed, because we bring no bargaining chips to the table.

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