Guidance, obidience, Risk and Change, vocation

Adjust Sails and catch the wind of the Spirit.

In his book “walking across the room” Bill Hybels talks about just getting to know people, and letting the Holy Spirit work through us as the relationship develops… Its about intentionally friendly and intentionally open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

At some discussions about where to go and what to do with PINTS OF VIEW tonight, we  felt that in many ways what we do with projects like PINTS OF VIEW, Street Pastors or Town Center Chaplaincy is we are primarily giving God our time to use as he sees fit, bringing across our path those he wants us to meet…

A picture of wind surfing, putting up the sail and letting God direct us, okay sometimes to catch the wave of the spirit we do have to listen to his voice and occasionally adjust the sale, but primarily it is about intentionally making ourselves available to God and what he wants to do with us (and in us).

Yet the more I thought about this, this is more than just a missionary principal, but actually what the whole of our life is about, offered to God, letting him be the wind in our sails… and yes at times we need to heed his voice and adjust the sails so we can best be used by him, ready and expectant.

Which made me ask, what does a life look like that is ready, available and expectant of the Spirit at work.

When I think of God directing my steps, this alters the view of everyone I meet, those I hang out with and chat too, and as I think of my life being lived for God’s Glory it makes me think differently about how I work, what I do, about the brothers and sisters in Christ who share our Journey with us too and how  do I encourage and inspire them to adjust their sails to catch what God is doing in their lives too.

Its not about our plans, strategies or giftedness but simple echoing the sentiment of Isaiah (6) when he says “here I am send me”.


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