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The Ancient Art of Breathing…


Sometimes something very simple hits you and you think, wow that is so simple, but so profound it changes you!

For me this was what happened when I found out about what the ancient celtic Christians called the “Ancient Art of Breathing” (fromthe book PUNK MONK by Andy Freeman)…

The basic idea is we “breath in” when we connect with God and recieve from him… and we “breath out” when we respond in missional ‘salt and light’ living.

The problem is sometimes our Chuches (and our own individual lives) can be shaped so much by a consumerist spirituality with does nothing but ‘breath in’, chasing conferences, buying worship CD’s, reading books but somehow our faith doesn’t feel like it is working because we are not ‘breathing out’ and putting this into practice in our every day life, recieving from God is great but needs to be translated into obidient disciples who follow Jesus.

Yet the other problems exists, where sometimes we can be so busy doing things “for” God that we loose sight of our personal relationship with God… we breath out so much that we end up with no breath left in our lungs.

Yet a healthy relationship is one where breath in deeply recieving from God, breathing out what he has given us into the world around us,breathing in afresh from God, breathing out again what he has given us…

We all breath in’ers or breath outters and can make either sound more important… the breath in’ers will quote Luke 10 Mary and Martha, whereas the breath outers will quote Matthew 28 with Jesus command to go…

Some Churches are great at praying but that’s it, but little or nothing, in practical terms to advance God’s Kingdom and bless individual lives.

Some Churches are great at being missional, always doing something Kingdomish… but backed by little or no prayer.

Yet when we see the example of Jesus, he drew away from the crowd to spend time with his father God, but also gave out… The ancient artof breathing, sees to resonate with the life of Christ we see in the gospels.

Prayer and Mission, ought to be like ‘pen and ink’, ‘ruhubab and custard’ ‘Ant and Dec’ two things that always go together, like two half of a pair of sissors…

Yet in Church history we what happens when Prayer and Proclaimation go together (look at Count Zinzenorff and the Moravian 100 year prayer meeting), -it was a moravian meeting where John Wesley’s heart was “strangely warmed” which was followed by the ‘great awakening revival’…

The Hebredian Revival started with just a few old ladies praying… In fact every true re-awaken has been birthed in prayer

The great preacher Charles Spurgeon used to use “boiler rooms” where people would pray passionately for the lost, whilst Spurgeon preached… many were saved through his awesome biblical exposition.

More recently 24-7 with their mission to places such as Newquay and Ibiza have fused together prayer with mission/proclaimation; Street Pastors too have teams praying whilst we are on the street sharing our faith.

A challenge for us all to go deeper both in prayer AND mission, it’s not an either or but both…


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