Evangelism, Mission

Come and See… Go and Tell…


“Come and See” -The words of Andrew when he brought his brother Simon (later Peter) to meet Jesus.

“Come and See” -The words of the Samaritan Women at the well when she returned to her village.

…and probably echoing around nearly every home in whilst Jesus public preaching ministry was happening.

Much of our Church life, and our lives as Christians, have been about inviting people to encounter Christ, to see who he is, what he does…

So, often people are waiting, self consciously, to be invited to come and explore.

They want you to take that walk across the floor and ask them to come.

Yet I’ve also found another phrase in scripture…

“Go and tell” -The words of God to Moses to Phaorah.

“Go and tell” -The words of the Prophets and Patriarchs.

…the story of the Shepherds…

“Go and tell” – Jesus’ words to Herod (Luke 13.32).

“Go and tell” -The words of Jesus to tell his Disciples of his resurrection (Matt 28.1).

“Go and tell” – The Great Commission (Matt 28).

Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.” Acts 5:29

This idea of being a witness testifying to what we have seen and heard, telling our story… Sharing our story.

It is a pro-active word, about not just inviting people to come, but going out taking the message beyond our walls and our comfort zones, taking our witnessing words to people who might not ever feel comfortable walking into our Churches.

Lets learn to be people of invitation.

Lets learn to be people who “go and tell”.

Lets pray that by all means the message of who Christ is is shared so that all may hear and know that he is the God who saves, loves, heals, leads and transforms.


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