Carpe Diem…

Yesterday we had a great talk from our wonderful Archdeacon talked about “some days” all those things we intend to do “some-day” but never do.

Yet it these dreams of some-days that often up as deep regrets for the opportunities we could have grasped but failed to do so. I don’t live a life weighed down by “what ifs” -maybe the some-day idea might fall flat on its face, but I think in my dotage I’d rather have failed trying that never tried.

The Archdeacon urged us to be intentional, to do today what is in our head and on our heart, the nudges of God if you like. She said “don’t put off to someday rather do it today”.

Someone once said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, unfortunately most missional conversations I hear remain just hot air, I call it hypothetical mission, fantasy evangelism.

There was an advert I think for Adidas which was “just do it”, which I think is good message to our overly cautious, risk adverse churches, sometimes we do just need to do it, to make it happen, start the ball rolling, begin a new chapter.

As I have been chewing over these thoughts in my head, I saw on the wall of Trinity Theological College the words “Live Like the Kingdom is Near”, I thought this is what the Archdeacon was saying, don’t put off sharing your faith, reaching out, taking a risk for Christ.

Let us make the most of our time, because one day we have won’t have the time, the moment will have passed, the door will have shut and the day is over and it has all run out.

So often the trivial, the annoying, the unimportant, the time waster, our bad habits, our ill-discipline and sometimes even our sinful laziness get in the way of what we are called to do, distractions from our destiny.

When we are on our death beds no one will say “I wish I did more ironing” but you may say I’m glad I didn’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers.

So to conclude seize the day!


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