Do or Don’t Do there is no Try.

Wisdom that only 900 years can learn… Empire Strikes Back – Luke heads to the Dagobah system to learn instruction in the force. Luke lack of faith and …

“Do or Do Not there is no try…” -said Yoda in Star Wars.

Sometime we say “I’ll try” often as an excuse to not commit to something, or to leave the door open for another option…

When I worked in rehab there was a phrase “to try is to lie”… meaning if someone said “I’ll try and not drink, meant the exact opposite”.

Jesus urges us to be people of our word, ‘let you “Yes” be “Yes” and your “No” be “no”‘/

Jesus said come and follow me, “I’ll try” -wasn’t the response, no the disciples left their nets and followed him..

A challenge I have been thinking about recently is the difference between being a believer or a follower.

A believer is orthodox and knows the right answers, but to believe something doesn’t commit you to actually DO anything. The Devil has orthodox theology, he is a believer, yet he isn’t a follower.

A follow is someone who is pursuing Jesus, this is more than just some head knowledge.

Let us be people of our word.

Let us not just think that a head full of truth is all we need  to follow Jesus, he must impact and transform who we are, let us learn to be followers not just believers.

Let us heed his call to “forget self, pick up your cross and follow me”.




Pray for us all that we will be followers not just believers, pray we may put our faith into practice this week -showing Jesus by our words and our actions!-

Pray that God gives us opportunities this week to choose to follow God!


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