Should have gone to Spec Savers?

David had two ways of looking at Goliath, either he could have said “how will I ever beat that giant?” or taking his sling shot “looking at the size of him, how can I miss him?”

I’m not talking really about being optimists or even pessimists I am thinking of being visionary dreamers. Seeing the world not as it is, but as it could be.

There is a quote, “You see things as they are and tell me why they are so, I look at thinks as they could be and ask why not?”

Nehemiah looked at the broken down walls and burned out bricks and saw a fortified city, Jesus looked at a bunch of no hopers and saw a global discipleship movement, God looked at the wimpy guy Gideon and saw a “mighty warrior”.

The more and more I go on in this job as a vicar the more jaded and cynical I have become, the more I have been disappointed with people the lower I expectations I have of them, the more I’ve picked up battle scars the grown tired the less of God and the more of me I see.

The Bible tells us where there is no vision the people perish, and I sometimes wonder if this includes us too? Does a part of us die with no vision, no dream of a different world, no motivating world view?

Do we get caught into what Pete Grieg calls “9-5 little prisons” blinded by monotony¸ the ordinary, the safe and the familiar?

Perhaps the verse could work the other way, that where there is vision there is salvation, wholeness, healing and transformation?

The truth is the sight and the vision I have is not the one I want.

I want to see things with different eyes, I want to see things with the eyes of faith, I want to see less cloudiness from my own lenses distorting my vision, focusing more on Christ and less on me, I want to re-discover that child-like (not childish, I think there is a difference) view of the world where the parameters of vision are reduced by the jadedness, cynicism, disappointments and frustrations.

I want to catch the eye of Christ more often, and see where his eye gleams.

I remember a kids’ song which asks “have we made our God to small?” -but it is a good question, have we allowed our vision to diminish and our view of God to be reduced?

Let us remind ourselves, and one another, of God’s goodness.

Let’s tell his stories, let us not play it safe, let us leave comfortable behind.

Too often we set ourselves a ‘spiritual challenge’ which we can easily do within our own strength and with our own means.

Let us combat disappointment but saying “do not grow over me my enemy though I am down I will rise and the glory of the Lord will shine on me” and although we might be down, let us not be out.

There are many stories of miraculous healings in the gospels, including one of Jesus healing the blind man, Bartemeaus, Jesus asked him “what do you want me to do for you?” and he replied “I want to see”.

Maybe too many of us need to realign our sight and vision?

Looking at the world with eyes healed by Christ.

Seeing the extraordinary possibilities in the everyday opportunities, and the impossible being made possible by the one who can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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