Bravery, faith, prayer

A tale of two farmers…

There were once two farmers and they were desperate for rain…

They both prayed.

One carried on as normal and left his seeds in a draw until the rains came.

The other went out and planted the seeds.

The rains came and he had a great harvest.

So often we pray and then have almost a theology of abandonment where once we have prayed we feel that is our part of the task done and dusted, yet often God calls us to be the answer to our own prayers.

“Lord send someone to help this situation” -is a prayer easily prayed, but often the answer if that the person God sends is us.

The guy in the parable risked everything on the rain, he planted his seeds with hope and expectation that God had heard and answered his pray and would send rain. If no rain came, he would have lost all his seeds. He would be bankrupt. Are we like this, have we risked it all on God and his faithfulness? Or have we got a back up plan for ourselves?

Do we really trust that God is able?

Do we really trust that God is good and he cares?

Are we prepared to live the Christian life that isn’t simply playing it safe, having a safety net or two up our sleeve, or are we prepared to be Christians who risk it all on the one certainty we have which is the faithfulness of Christ Jesus.

God bless,


p.s. Inspired by a conversation with my friend Rev. Jackie.


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