A funny old strategy… #Prayer!

So this week, we are mainly, er um praying.

We’ve booked the Colin Bailey Rooms hidden in the graveyard at Christ Church Hanham and we are inviting people to come and pray…
That’s it.
That’s the strategy.
8:00am until 10pm come and pray.
Basically I’m a bit at my wits end… We have tun courses, put on events, brought in wonderful speakers, prayed on the street, had a million services to inspire the faithful… And yet to be honest in 7 years heartbreakingly we’ve not seen anything close to what we have dreamed off.
I know God wants to grow his Kingdom.
I know God wants to see his children come into relationship with him.
God has made his strategy pretty clear in his word “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, and seek my face, then I will hear from heaven and come and heal their land”.
Too often we try and work out ways of trying to smuggle God into the conmunity, too often we are so busy, stressing with our limited resources, that we forget to be still and know that he is God, we look at our resources and forget that Gods resources are infinite.
And yet I’m sat here on my own in a prayer room, with a worryingly empty sheet and the sound of “that” conversation rining in my ears from my wife whose worried I won’t be at home much this week…
I believe that the heart of our failure in mission actually has its heart in the Western Churches apathy towards Christ, the call to pick up the cross and follow him is often met with the response “I’m a bit busy at the moment”.
From our Church diary and the numbers at prayer times together is often the message to all who hear that we aren’t as into this prayer stuff as we probably should be…
At the risk of offending people, I’ve been at large charismatic gatherings where people are appearing to go for it big time, and yet to sign up for an hour to pray, or do the acts of service stuff has a different response.
The truth is people like Ŵorship and the fuzzy Ŵorship feelings, more than they like to disciple and the sacrifice of setting their alarm clock, rolling up their sleeves, or getting down on their knees.
But as I type this, maybe too I need to rediscover prayer, the presence and power of God afresh, maybe I rush around too much and need to fall to my knees more… Maybe to be fruitful I need to spend less time sending emails about things, and more time connected with Father God.
So, for this week, we will mainly just be praying… And if it’s just me (and God) that’s okay, as he is the all sufficent one…
Why not come and join us and pray too.

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