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Let’s go up the Motorway to see this thing that has happened…

I’ll be honest I’ve quoted Mother Teresa’s line about people crossing the world to recieve a blessing but not crossing the road to be a blessing a number of times, and there  is so much truth in that statement, but recently I have been challenged by the first part of the quote.

Would I fly half way around the world to receive a blessing?

Would I  of my own volition have got into a car and gone to Reading or Cwmbran?

I used to have a very smug and slightly superior attitude of “God can come to me” I’m not going to some Church somewhere  to pick up a blessing, God’s everywhere so why do I have to make the effort…

It was a mix of pride, cynicism, jadedness and some heart-protection from disappointment.

I was listening to Pastor Yenka last Friday say exactly those words, I used to say “God can come to me”, but God was calling him to go and see what God was doing else where, calling him on a journey, often we need (even just for a short time) to sometimes come away from the familiar to hear, find and encounter God.

Sometimes, we need to connect afresh with the passionate as they fire us up.

Thinking, as the primary school kids move from being the big fish in the small pond, to being small fish in the big pond, it is constantly good for us to go to hang out with the people who are going to stretch, challenge and inspire us, those who have learned, travelled and gone deeper in various parts of the Christian journey.

Yet too often we sit in front of the telly like Victor Meldrew thinking “I’m okay as I am” whilst dunking our digestive biscuit into our tea and we think of our Church and our Christian life as “okay as it is”, and yet God reminds us there is more, so much more of him and from him.

I worked at St.  Michael le Belfrey in York, years after David Watson’s death, but heard  a lot about his revival in the 1970’s (although he never used the word revival) and he used to say that people turned up at St. Mike’s and realised they were a screwed up bunch who didn’t have it altogether but God was doing wonderful things amongst them, and people were taking back to their Churches that in God there is more, much more.

The song that really has resonated with me over the past few years here in Kingswood is “there must be more than this” the cry out of God for more of him.

I believe that our evangelism so often is ailing and failing because our faith is often so dry and parched, where our energy is used up fighting battles about trivialities whilst communities go through hell and to hell… We need to find those places which will revive and refresh us, that will revitalise us and restore us, and maybe that is Bethel California or Hillfields Friary, let’s be respectful about our brothers and sisters desire for more of God.

We need to remember that what we have experienced is not all that there is.

We need to remember too that God is not finished with us, with his Church or this nation yet, and whilst we have breath in our bodies we should be (to quote Rowan Williams) finding out where God is at work and joining in.

People often ask “is this transferable” which is entirely the wrong question, because this is putting all the thought into the current thing we are looking at, a better thing to ask is “what are you wanting to tell and show us here?”

Ultimately we are not chasing the manifestation, the hands of God, but we a chasing him himself -his face- and he is always wanting us to seek more and go deeper with him. I think our desperation for more of him brings joy to his heart. I think he loves seeing Christians getting into the cars and heading up motorways because they long to see themselves transformed and Christ made known.

So, lets say, God we want to hear from you, we want to go deeper, we want to see you transform your Church and our nation, the lives of ordinary people, and we want to pledge ourselves to that cause… and lets seek him as hungry people longing for the bread of life.


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