The 3 R’s of Bristol Diocese.

RE: Invigorating Discipleship.

RE:Imagining Leadership.

REaching the Under 40’s.

These are the three priorities the Diocese of Bristol has set out for its vision, tomorrow we are going to be looking at them at 10:00-2:00 at United Church Longwell Green… All welcome.

I think that each are incredibly wise things to aim at…
To reinvigorate discipleship is key, to have disciples out and about seeing the kingdom of God breaking in where they live, work and play is exciting… To see Christians not only praying that we see God’s Kingdom come we seek to steward it in. We see people loved and their lives transformed to become holy people, free from life controlling habits. A church that looks like Jesus, with disciples who look and live like him, all day, everyday, where ever they go. Too often discipleship is something we don’t really think about and often it’s more about attending Zchurch and plugging into the churchy programme.
To reimagine leadership, how can we enable people to be missional? How can we help one another to live more like Jesus? What Church needs to look like if we see to grow Christ like disciples and reach people who the Church does not normally contact let alone reach. To be the Church God needs us to be, he needs leadership to look different, much more about releasing people, empowering disciples, and seeing people reached and hearing about Jesus in a way they can understand and be supported in their journey as authentic disciples of Christ.
To reach the under 40s, there are so many generations missing from our Churches, in fact the under 60s are largely missing, how do we reach a new generation, so that our children and our grandchildren will have a faithful Christ like Church to be part of.
Yet we need to realise that the Church of the future, needs for people to be members of the Church of today. Surely our greatest need is to disciples and mentor the next generation…
Yet my worry is that many people won’t engage with this debate, will continue to fight about trivialities around the conservation of the building and styles of services…
Wonder how many people will come along tomorrow morning?
I recently ran a year long course, Mission Shaped Ministry, asking the questions that we as Church need to address and ask…
The worry is I think that we don’t want to ask or listen to the questions or wrestle with the answers.
My prayer is that whatever congregation we are apart of, we want to see Christ build the Church that he wants that is in tune with heartbeat of God.

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