Just Do It

Does anyone remember the old Nike slogan “just do it”…

It is actually quite profound as too much of life we waste by dithering, procrastinating, indecisiveness or simply laziness or fear…
It is always easier to find an excuse not to do something than to actually do it.
All human beings have something of a status quo bias, change is scary, and seizing the moment often is not without sacrifice.
One thing I find frustrating with Church is we claim to be a missionary organisation and we do have the greatest message to share, and yet we do everything at a snails pace…the truth is I believe that actually Churches don’t really want to reach out, and so much Missional stuff is done begrudgingly out of duty.
Is this why so many events are planned, turning mission into a ‘one off’ rather than a habitual way of life, and why these events are quite frankly over planned, now I’m not decrying planning but do wonder if Churches are more comfortable in meetings than mission.
It is easier to talk about mission than to actually do it!
“it’s not that we are against what you do but…” is something I have heard a lot, normally it is from people who think their age, their lack of confidence, lack of biblical knowledge, perceived lack of time some how mean that the great commission applies to all other Christians apart from them.
Also, and here I am getting controversial, we seem to be very good at turning up to Praise and Worship events and asking God to intervene missionally in his world… Yet we walk out of these meetings and we don’t do our bit ourselves.
One of my favourite, and most challenging quotes from Shane Claiborne is, “why doesn’t God do something about XYZ and God says ‘I did, I made you'”.
We are a called people.
The Gospel has an urgency about it -tomorrow might be too late.
We are a post Pentecost Church, and yet we seem to have a Pre-Pentecost mentality rather being locked away in an upper room for fear of the world, than being driven by the Holy Spirit onto the Streets of the city.
Recently, we had a wonderful speaker Pastor Yenka who has seen massive numbers of people come to faith in Reading, come and talk about mission, everyone was suitably enthusiastic, but since then it has gone a bit quiet…
My challenge to us all, myself included, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.
Let’s not just tell other peoples stories of revival, let us find our own stories of God at work where we are through you and me.
“Lord have heard of your fame, we stand in awe of your deeds, renew them in our day”.

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