Labour Pains 2: A House Divided Cannot Stand.

Another politically inspired blog…

As a Labour supporter this whole botched coup is heartbreaking, every piece of negative campaigning makes the prospect of a Labour Government look less and less likely… Giving the Tories open goals and making them easy to attack.
Watching a Party I love and believe in tearing themselves apart is painful, but more than this, it is painful for the marginalised and disenfranchized who need a Labour Governnment to fit for them, but unfortunately they are fighting against each other.
Yet as I thought more about this, I realise I see both the Church globally as well as locall, and within my own context, doing exactly the same thing, ripping ourselves part whilst ignoring whilst people all around us know little about Jesus.
 I once had to write a letter to some emerging leaders and I thought what is the most important thing I can say to them? My advice was simple “Keep the main thing (Jesus) the main thing”, when loose sight of the captivating vision that is who Christ is and what he does then we focus on other things, some of them good and worthy, yet if this distract us from what we should be doing, then why are doing them? Often these things are things which divide us, and cause friction amongst us.
The murdered MP Jo Cox said “what unites us is greater than what divides us” which is true of us within the Church.
As I began to think about this more, I began to think about the coalition government (something I wasn’t a big fan of TBH) but they did manage to overcome there big differences and form a workable government.
Jesus’ followers included a former Zealot and a former Tax Collector (think Arthur Scargill and Maggie Thatcher in terms of difference on the world view) and I expect they probably had to work stuff through.
The early Church had massive cultural barriers to climb over and yet despite vast differences they were able to see the bigger prize and the better call, if they hadn’t you might not be sitting down and reading this blog.
So, a challenge to us all, let’s focus our eyes back onto what is really important, Christ himself and let us learn to work and walk together, in the call and commission to not just make disciples but rather to see “his Kingdom come here in our locality as it is in heaven”.

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