A Morning Workout…

In the morning Bible teaching session at New Wine the amazing Danielle Strickland shared a great meditative technique which in just a couple of days I have found so helpful.

The first position is raising your hands to God in surrender, acknowledging I can’t do it in my own strength and am empty handed and totally dependant on him, also I’m giving him everything, he can take the lot, all that I am, and also all that I can’t carry.

Then place your hands on your lap open, and say “God I recieve from you all I need today”, again empty handed but coming before a generous God of abundance, a God who is able.

Then stretch out your hands as a symbol of “freely you have recieved so freely give” the idea that I don’t want to keep Gods goodness to myself but I want to share it with the world. It is a pledge of myself for God to use in partnership with him in his mission and ministry to his world.

Then hold out your arms, as a sign of welcome, love and embrace for all those who God will send accross our path today, and a prayer to ask God to help us welcome, love and embrace like he does with the same warmth and passion.

Four simple moves but in pouring out your heart before God and a statement of intent for the day, I think it is wonderful and powerful!


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