Investing in an invisable future.

On our holiday we popped into see some friends who I used to work for when I was 19/20 and helped out a bit with the amazing work God was doing in this place.

They proudly showed me a clip of their son getting married, and there were many faces of these guys who were probably 7-10ish age group when I was there now married, probably some have had kids. Some of these guys years later are still walking with the Christ, and although I think my contribution probably in the grand scheme of things was probably small in their walk of faith but it is still a privildge to have been part of that journey.

Then as I sat around their kitchen table drinking coffee, I wondered of my own life, I learned this valueable life lesson here in Wakefield that God can, does and indeed wants to use ordinary people like me and you to build his Church, and advance his Kingdom. I wondered if this wonderful couple of Church leaders hadn’t invested in me, encouraged me gave me opportunities (an continued to give me opportunities even when I messed up) would I have ended up on the journey I have been on? I think probably not.

Yesterday I met up with a Vicar friend, and both of us have admitted that there are times when we have felt like giving up, and sometimes we need those people who’ve helped is along the way to encourage us to keep going, not to quit, and to keep going pushing through the pain barrier to the next leg of the race.

So, to think, who are we encouraging? Who are we supporting? Are we nurturing new talent? Are we encourage people to stay the course? Are we a faithful link in the chain, even if it is for a moment or the briefest of seasons.

When the talks have been said, the study books closed and the services finished, what remains is people’s journey with Christ, do we loose people amid programmes? Are we praying for the real individuals around us with real faces, as too often we have a faceless idea of “them out there” and are we faithful people on the journey.

As I have gone on, I think that one day I will be a memory, what kind of memory will it be, and will it be one where people have seen Christ through me.

When you are just a memory, will you be remembered as a disciple of encouragement, support through whom Jesus could be seen and made known.

Who have been those people in our lives who have nurtured us in our walk?
Who’ve encouraged and sustained us on this journey?

As we think of those who have blessed us, let’s be those people that do the same for the generation coming up after us.

It is investing in an invisable future, we often don’t know whoes lives we impact.

We don’t know what people will remember, what will stick in people’s hearts and heads, eyes are watching, let’s be faithful people living lives of integrity and authenticity.

For a season you will hold the batton and run with it.

Make it count, be faithful, remember who went before you and those who come after you.

Invest in that invisable future.

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