Would You Trust a Skinny Chef?

You wouldn’t trust a skinny chef would you?

You want a chef to look like someone who enjoys food, who celebrates gastronomy!

We want people to be authentic, when we  are telling people Jesus is good news, people need to see the reality of the fact that he’s good news in our lives, yet  so often as Christians we say “Jesus is good news” with long gloomy faces, and wonder why people don’t believe and engage with us.

I want the reality of having Christ in my life to be visible, to be shining out like treasure in broken clay jars -gleaming from the cracks and knocks.

Christianity to be understood needs not just to be proclaimed with words, our world has an awful lot of words, but needs to be seen lived out, in a way the world can say “I can see the difference Christ makes in you life”.

I once said, as Christians we should be “smoking what we are selling” -okay an unfortunate and none to wise drug reference- but we need to be living it out ourselves, the gospel needs to be at work in our heart and lives, in the relationships of those around us.

The question I think many of us are afraid to admit, that although we believe the Gospel to be true, we don’t always see and feel different.

Sometimes we need to let the liberating and transforming truths of scripture do their liberation and transformation, we need to let God’s spirit fill us, and flow out through us, we need to allow his spirit to touch, challenge and change us.

What has God highlighted in your life? What are you working on?

Where is he bringing healing and new life?

What are you reading, how are you growing?

When was the last time you spent time together?

What was the last thing you heard him say, and how much time do we actually spend listening to him?

John Wimber had a great prayer which was “Lord, send revival, start with me”.

Help me to gasp the wonder of Christ afresh in my life today.

Help me see Jesus as the pearl of great price, and realise the consequences of that for my life and way of thinking.

I wonder, if the thing that would transform our effectiveness in mission and evangelism (apart from unity -see yesterdays blog) is our praise and our worship, not just singing familiar songs and enjoying a good sing song, but experiencing Christ, seeking him out, acknowledging his work in our lives, thank him for being him, proclaiming his truth in/to and over ourselves.

Let’s seek is presence, acknowledge him, and let him by his spirit shape us.

As we spend time with him, we will become more like him, his praise changes us, moulds us, renews our minds and refreshes our hearts.

So, let us not  be like Skinny Chef’s, lets discover anew the glory of the Lord, seek him and his presence.

Let us come afresh to realise he is good news and a life transforming God.



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