Authenticity, Leadership

Leading by example…

I remember seeing one of those cheesy car “bumper stickers” saying “don’t follow me, follow Jesus”.

Which is a bit wrong on many levels, firstly, it is the opposite of what the apostle Paul instructed as he said “follow me as I follow Christ”… When we read his message to the elders at Ephesus Paul’s message was not only delivered by his spoken word but reinforced by his life style, he sought to be a good example.

Paul in his letter to Timothy exhauted him, to set an example for the believers in his life and doctrine.

How we behave authenticates or invalidates our message.

I saw on Twitter the phrase “I can’t hear what you are saying over the noise of your life”.

Whether we like it or not, the moment we confess we are Christians people start to look at our lives much more closely to look for any inconstistancies, the bible talks of we ourselves being the message lived out amongst people. I’m sure you’ve heard people saying that “you yourself is probably the only Bible most people read”.

Whether we like it or not, we are role models.

Whether we like it or not, people will copy our behaviour

So, what would people copy if they were copying your behaviour?

It’s a scary question.

I know that sometimes Hope -my little girl- picks up some of the things I shouldn’t say and does some of the things I shouldn’t do… “But YOU say it Daddy” she says, and I at once feel massively convicted.

Little kids hear everything, see everything and copy everything, especially the things you don’t want the world to see and hear. We as parents are watched and copied, just as we as Christians are watched and copied… We need to ensure how we live is worth copying.

In fact I believe that in the midst if time, our words fade, but we remember people by what they did and how they made us feel. When we are just memories, what memories will we leave behind? Will they be memories that glorify ourselves or Christ in us?

It matters, our example matters.

From: E-prayer Network Kingswood <>


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