Go Vulnerably…

I had a very profound coffee with Steve Britten a while back and he was saying “show the people God” -it is very profound as I don’t think people become worshipers of God by some scruffy vicar ranting at them from a in the pulpit (although I do believe in prophetic challenge within preaching).
Nor do people become more prayerful because we put more prayer meetings on the notice sheet (although more prayer meetings are good).
Nor do people share their faith more because we ran a course on ‘sharing your faith’ (although courses can be useful).
Ultimately it is only really when people encounter more of the awesome goodness and good news of Jesus Christ, who he is and what he has done, that we are changed, and worship more as a response to who God is, pray more as a response to who God is, share our faith as a response to who God is, give more as a response to who God is, sin less often as a response to who God is…

For a while I have had this ache, that Church and Christian life in general, should be so much more than I see so often. A friend did an art exhibition is Southampton called “Another World is Possible” and something in this resonated with me. Lets not settle for lives and Churches that have always looked this way and always done this this way. Let us see the new wine of the spirit, the new thing that God is doing.

In the Bible we read of David being sent to fight Golliath and before he went king Saul tried to help him by loading him down with all this armour, david refused and went with just a sling -talk about go vulnerably… echo’s of Jesus sending off the 72, where he told them to also “go vulnerably”, and yet David’s new way worked because God was in it. The 72 going off with no plan or provisions would give my treasurer heart-failure yet this was Jesus plan, and clearly his plan worked as the disciples came back rejoicing that the demons obeyed them, and Jesus had to remind them of their priorities when he said “don’t rejoice that the demons obey, but rejoice that your names are written in the lambs book of life”.

Discover the truth of strength in weakness.
I’m not sure how this works for you in your context, but think what does it mean to be a crazy follower of Jesus, what does it really mean to “live by faith and not by sight?”

Francis Chan said “non Christians aren’t supposed to understand our lifestyles, they are meant to think we are crazy”.

What does it mean for each of us to be Salt and Light every day where-ever we go?

What would stepping out of the boat look like for us?

I believe that there is more, and God wants to take us on further and deeper with him, and it may be costly, but like in the parable of the pearl of great price it is worth it.

Lets go deeper together and live this out in all areas of our lives from the small details to the biggest of our life choices following God where-ever he leads. It is an adventure, life, and life in all its fullness.


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