Falibility, Humanity

It Is Okay To Be Human.

In the book of Job (and in the funeral service) it says “God knows of what we are made, he remembers we are but dust…

It is okay to be human, because that is how God has made us.

God never intended us to be complete omni-compatant, all knowing, all powerful  unit that can stand alone, in deed of nothing, utterly self sufficient.

We sometimes need to remember he made us a little lower than the angels, in other words we are not some how superhuman… that is the stuff of comic books but not the pages of scripture!

We are created in such a way that we need Christ, to live for him,  As one of the old saints prayed “For without you we cannot please you!”

We also need each other to live for Christ, and they need us, we want to be independent, but we were created for interdependence.

Faith to move mountains is lived out as we pray for people in a world where it looks like sin, sickness and death has the upper hand.

The Glory of God is displayed in human weakness, which actual reveals God’s glory better and more fully.

It is “Christ in us the hope of Glory” rather than the “us in us the hope of glory”, the treasure in clay jars, our weaknesses show God’s strength better than a race of superheroes because people get to realise it is about God’s power at work through his people.

When we prophesy, can’t say “THUS SAYS THE LORD” but rather “I believe God is saying” because of our flesh and fallen-ness other people get to play and weigh it all up and test it.

We don’t have all the answers, we need confirmation, we need one another, its a beautiful Christ pic of his body needing its component parts to function properly and to share together. This partiality and humanity, means that rather than being some form of ‘Super Christian’ we are all broken people who get to play together and need each other… The whole thing comes back to the body of Christ, to an interdependent people, needing one another, needing to be unified, and knowing their need of God.

Its not about being a superstar player, its about sharing what God has given you to be part of his team, which is his Church that pull together and that everyone gets to play.

Lets see our God given humanity as a blessing, and as a gift, and our need of God and one another as something not just positive but also beautiful.


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