Three Sermons, One Message…

Okay it’s an old blog, but hopefully it says something helpful…

Three Sermons?

One message?
Okay its a bit of a ramble, but today I spoke at Holy Toast and then our re-worked kids service at Trinity and then sat back and listened to Regan at All Souls’ and so this message is a summary of all three sermons, but in a way I think they come together.
Holy Toast Sermon 1.
Looking at the character of Peter and his rolacosta ride of faith.
A faith filled start when he left everything to follow Jesus, asked ‘do we seize the moment’ spiritually or do we play it safe and end up regretting it?
He saw Jesus at work preaching, teaching, healing and deliverance and then Jesus sent him out to put it into practice, and he came back really excited -in our faith our we spectators or participants?
Then we looked at real moments of clarity he had in his journey of faith “you are the Christ, the Son of the living God” -only to loose the plot with doubt and confusion when (almost with the same breath) he told Jesus he didn’t have to go to the cross.
He made great promises in the comfort zone of the upper room with Jesus and the disciples (“I’ll never leave you, even if I have to die with you”) but then a few hours later he denied Jesus three times…
What of us, its so easy on  Sunday night to say the right things but so much harder living out our faith on Monday Mornings.
Peter met Jesus on the beach and was re-instated, I wonder how quickly we get back up again when we fall down?
What would we say if Jesus asked us “do we love him?”
I talked about  the change from the man who ran away becoming the man who stood his ground.
The man who preached the Churches inaugural sermon where thousands were saved and baptised.
What of us, do we do the right and brave thing when it matters? -Quote from Dumbledore “You can do the thing that is right or the thing that is easy” -the problem is they aren’t the same thing.
And later we read of Peter a great leader taking the easy way out with the Galation Christians.
We are fallen people who get it wrong, but Jesus gives us another chance.
We have a God who forgives and us who often can’t accept that grace.
Leaders, and in fact all of us, are people who are fallible and get it wrong sometimes, but yet what really matters is our hearts before Jesus, the answer to the question “Do you love me?”
Kings Krew Sermon 2.
Jesus calms the storm…
What do we do when storms hit?
Do we panic?
Do we pray?
Can we do both at the same time?
Does it sometimes feel as if Jesus is asleep?
Jesus promises that he will never leave us or forsake us. Jesus is able to calm the storms. We need to remind ourselves that Jesus is bigger than any storm or wave.
I did wonder would you be more scared before or after Jesus calmed the storm, I reckon afterwards!
All Souls’
Regan preached about the battlefield of the mind.
Who are we listening too?
Who forms our identity?
What is it that guides or footsteps?
Are our choices based on faith?
Do we believe that God is able to set us free?
Do we believe he guides us?
Do we let him shape our identity?
Do we believe that our own ideas and petty rebellions will work out rather than trusting God’s goodness and perfect plan.
I think the three messages all sort of work together?


Or maybe that’s just my head?


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