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Vision and Values…

Last night I was at the Mission Shaped Ministry Course, it was very very good, we had a guy Liam, talking about Values for mission…

It is interesting, we talk about Vision lots, but it is our values who really shape who we are!

The truth is we all come with values and expectations, we rarely tease out what are values are, and often chase after a vision and realise that most Churches and Christian groups unravel around values.

We all have values, often just below the radar, and for us we just think that these are obvious things that everyone holds. Yet sadly the truth is our values differ massively from person to person, and what is “obvious” to one isn’t “obvious” to another.

Our behaviour often is determined by what our values really and truly are.

Jesus says “where your heart is there your treasure is”… What is in our hearts? What is our treasure? What is it we really value and what don’t we value?

Take a moment to think about the values we hold, the values that jar against us as the ones that resonate with us?

A bigger and a tougher question, what do our values look like when compared to the Christ of scripture (remember he smashed up the temple too, ask ourselves if we truly have a handle on what Jesus’ values actually were?).

Are our values the values of Christ?

Then think of the people who you admire, and those whom we struggle to ‘see eye to eye with’. and think about why we think what we do and why they think what they do.

We often think of other people as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because they do/don’t hold the same values to us.

There is an old proverb, don’t judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes, by which time you are a mile away and got their shoes!

As we look at what our values really truly are under the light of Christ, be prepared for him to profoundly challenge you!!


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