Do This In Remembrance Of Me.

When we see the poppy it jogs our memory to remind us of those who have lost their lives in conflict and war.

When I see my wedding ring, I remember my wife Allana.

When I look at my wallet, I have a photo of my daughter Hope in it, and I remember her.

Jesus said when he took bread and wine, and said “do this in remembrance of me” he wasn’t meaning an occasional reminder of something we remember every year, but for the rest of the year often is not at the forefront of our mind.

Rather it was more like seeing your hand with the wedding ring on it, a constant daily reminder, just like seeing the photo in your wallet, keeping reminded of what really matters, what matters the most. You see we might only have communion maybe once a month or so, but actually eating bread and drinking red wine would be something that is part of everyday life, every meal.

When Jesus said “every time you eat and drink remember me” he meant living life constantly reminded of Christ and what he has done for us, habitually living with his death and resurrection as our focus, a reminder to live in –to inhabit-  his story.

A little like saying to a teenager, whenever you look at your phone remember Jesus.

Our memories effect our future choices.
Our memories shape who we are.

Yet sometimes our memories slip and lapse. Too often we get distracted by a different story, the worries and cares of life, the other stories which pull us from the one true and main story, the trivialities which get out of focus and become false priorities.

So, let’s keep our focus on remembering to keep the most important thing –Christ- as the most important thing, the eternal corrective, reminding us of what ultimately matters most and what doesn’t. A call to allow the death and resurrection of Christ effects and affects every choice we make, every relationship we have and every thing we are, not something lodged in the back of our minds, but living and dwelling where our story becomes entwined in God’s Story.


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