Under Pressure!

The Band Queen sung a Song called  “Under a Pressure”.

It made me think about pressure and what it does to us, pressure can turn a lump of coal into a diamond or a pile of ash.

Pressure often shows us what we are really like underneath it all, the ‘real us’ comes out, not the us we want to show the world.

Pressure can reveal great beauty or real mess.

Pressure shows that discipleship is not just a series of coping strategies to deal with external circumstances, but rather discipleship is about allowing Gods Holy Spirit to work in our hearts, God often needing to work IN us before he can work THROUGH us.

When Christ was under pressure in the garden of Gathemene he said “not my will but yours” and whilst he was nailed to the cross he said “Father Forgive them they do not now what they are doing”. Pressure revealed the righteousness that was in the heart of Christ.

Pressure can be a mirror that shows us what we are actually like rather than fake aspirational version of ourselves we like to believe exists, the us without our flaws, cracks, insecurities, jealousies and bad reactions.. We sometimes need to be reminded that we still need Gods refining fire to work in our hearts and our lives, we are not sorted yet and still are in need of him.

We all face various challenges, obsticals, mountains, hills and barriers, no human being is immune “as surely as sparks fly upwards are humans born to  trouble”.

It is often our failures and disappointments rather than our successes and achievements have the potential to be our greatest teachers, who we are when we are waiting often can shape us more thank getting the thing we long for, the journey in Gods ecconomy is often as important as the destination.

Often the question we need to ask both when we are on top of the world us the same when the bottom has dropped out from our world is the same, God what can I learn from this time?

What is God teaching me?

How can become more like Jesus?

Will this experience make me “bitter or better”?

Often how we react to things determine our future growth and Christ-likeness.

We have choices whether to lay our baggage before the cross or to whether to allow Satan to use it to get a foothold.

One of my favourite verses is “all things work for the good of those who love him” this isn’t saying God sends us calamities, but rather he can even use awful things to bring blessing from the horrid things life has thrown at us. Gods power to bless is greater than the enermies power to harm.

Yet often there is a choice, do we hold on to our pain clenching it tightly and making it worse, or do we lay it before the cross of Christ.

I remember hearing someone once say “falling is not fatal” but it is giving  up that makes it so.

Our relationship with God is described by Peter in his epistle as a refining fire, it’s an on going process, increasing the value and purity of the Gold by skimming geoff the dross we are all works in progress but praise God he’s not finished with us yet, God isn’t going to settle for us being 12 carrot Gold but rather 24 carrot gold.

So, when we are under pressure, when we see glimpses of ourselves we’d rather not see, remember that Christ is beautifying his bride, and the bumps and bruises can become trophies of grace, and God is waiting and willing to come into the worst of us and bring his light, his love and transform and irradicate that in us which is not as it should be.

“create in me a pure heart O Lord” “Lord, you have searched  me and know me, see if there is any way within me which is grevious to you… And lead me into them life everlasting”


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