Hopes and Dreams, vision

Dream with your eyes open.

I was at a youth meeting tonight and Jackie spoke about “Dream with your eyes open”.

Which made me ask, do I still dream dreams?

It made me think that so often we have given up, and stopped dreaming dreams.

Or perhaps maybe many of us started out as we began to follow and serve Christ we had big, bold and audacious dreams but now our dreams have been scaled down, reduced, the radical corners smoothed off.

We somehow think maturity is about being jaded, cynical, defeatist and wordly weary, and we think that fire, passion, enthusiasm, vision, drive is somehow naïve and silly, yet this is a lie many of us have fallen for.

When Christ called us to have a childlike faith, I think he meant us to be full of dreams, passions, enthusiasm, vision and drive -its a life of potential and transformation.

I then began to wonder if we have ever given people permission to dream in the first place, often so many people within our Churches just have Church “done to them” and don’t realise that they can, and indeed ought and should, have permission to dream in the advance of the Kingdom.

People need to feel like stakeholders, invested, and taking personally responsibility for something before they dream into it.

We don’t realise we have something worth while and unique to contribute, and often ideas aren’t welcome.

Recently I have also come across a tragic phrase recently which is called “poverty of ambition” which basically a generation or a people groups whose dreams have been burst and their wings cut so their dreams and ambitions are so tragically small.

Sometimes we are scared to dream, to dare to hope that maybe things could look different, because we have been disappointed too often, and the pain of dashed hopes becomes something we try and protect ourselves from.

Too often ideas are like bubbles, nice and wonderful things, but yet ideas and visions need to be birthed. I have met people who have hundreds of ideas -which is great- and yet the ideas are never allowed to germinate and come to birth.

In fact often a dream is followed by another dream and another, and yet no one dream is allowed to be properly owned, shared, birthed and developed, rather sometimes we hide our dreams in a field of dreams.

It takes a risk to turn a dream into a reality.

Perhaps God is saying: “Awake O dreamer and arise from your slumber”? If you’ve had the dream what is stopping you from going and changing the world?


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