Father God

A Date With Dad…

 There is a thing called Lectio Divina (I thought it was either a car or an ex girl friends sister) but rather a way off reading the Bible; reading a verse (or passage) slowly, three times, focusing on each word and letting it sink in…
Here’s a couple of verses to chew over:
“Be still and know that I am God”.
“…he will quiet you with his love…
“Come to me all who are troubled and heaven laden and I (Jesus) will refresh you “
-Today I have had Hope (my Daughter) with me all day (she’s 3) just hanging out with her, we have been to the library,  a friends house, Grimsby farm,  the park and town  shopping for an anniversary present for Allana (my wife/her mum); being a soft touch dad I feel like I’ve spent a fortune on things that are pink and sparkly…
Allana asked her what was the best bit of today and she said ‘cuddles with Daddy’…
Sometimes just being together without agenda is incredibly special.
How often do we just enjoy just being with God, not asking him for stuff, or even trying to impress him  with things, just BEING with him.
So, maybe take a moment, to just BE, not asking or saying anything, just enjoy God’s presence just because he loves you (and you love him).
“See how the Father has lavished his love upon us that we might be called Children of God”.
Maybe take a moment to think about the rhythm of your life;
A while back I did a whole thing about ‘the ancient art of breathing’ (inhaling receiving from God, exhaling living it out in missional living).
Ask yourself, do you need to drink deep from God’s wells (breathing in) ? 
Or perhaps you spiritual space but are you heeding his call into his world (breathing out)?
Maybe just rest awhile, and be with the God who loves you.

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