A Word to the Wise…

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you”. James 1:5.

King Solomon asked God for wisdom so he could be faithful in the role God had called him into.
And Solomon was wise(ish)… He did wise things and wrote much of the biblical wisdom literature. But wasn’t wise with himself.  He lost his relationship with God because of taking wives and mistresses from other nations worshipping other God’s which shipwrecked his faith.
In the wisdom literature Wisdom is portrayed as a beautiful Girl, and Folly as a attractive but wicked Femme Fatal, vying for the writers heart.
Wisdom  is making those right and wholesome choices, that keep us from sin, that keep us for hurting ourselves and other people and shipwrecking our faith.
Where-as Folly puts ourselves right in harms way.
Mike Pilivachi say of temptation (with his classic and very funny story of eating a whole chocolate cake) “don’t open the fridge”… In other words don’t place yourself in an unwise situation.
For me struggling with some of my issues, don’t place yourself in a situation where people will fill up my dairy.
If you struggle with debt, don’t go to the shops in the sales as you’ll spend money you don’t have.
You get the idea -pretty simple, but amazing how unwise we can be around our weaknesses!
Don’t place yourself in foolish places which ultimately are going to help no one and possibly harm yourself and those around you.
A thought for today, are there areas I need God’s wisdom in?
Am I flirting with Folly?
Do I need to shut the fridge door?
-Perhaps you need to be the person having a ‘DBN’ -Difficult But Necessary conversation with someone, or perhaps you need to be someone who needs to hear it?

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