I found this old message, and although it is not Christmas, there is still plenty of food for thought here!

(Glen Scrivener) #ChristmasMeans not having to worry about tomorrow, because the battle has been won – so untangle yourself from the cares of this world.

(Glen Scrivener) #ChristmasMeans “Jesus can deal gently with the ignorant & wayward since He Himself was beset with weakness.” (Heb.5:2)
(Justin Welby…) #ChristmasMeans that in Jesus, God has given us the most precious gifts of all: forgiveness and hope.
(Graham Kings) #ChristmasMeans #God crossed the widest cultural chasm in the cosmos.
(Graham Kings) #ChristmasMeans the Ultimate became intimate.
(Pete Greig) #ChristmasMeans  Infinity became infancy.
(Paul Baylis) #christmasmeans the God of all comfort surrounded by ox crap; uncleanliness next to Godliness.
(Janet Hopper) #ChristmasMeans God walks with us Emmanuel
(Rachel Bushyager) #ChristmasMeans the gift of a Saviour for the world because we need saving. The gift is free, but it costs God everything #reallove
(Chris Russell) #ChristmasMeans – we can only talk truly of God when we talk of Jesus Christ
(CAP UK) #Christmasmeans finding that the light of hope is way more powerful than the darkness of despair #freedebthelp
(Paul Butler) #ChristmasMeans discovering God breaking into ordinary everyday life and charging it with meaning – that’s what happened to the shepherds
(Stephen Croft) God in humility enters the heart of the world, once and for all, the eternal remedy for the deadly poison of our pride #christmasmeans

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