Yesterday I had the privilege of taking a funeral for a wonderful lady who died at 96, yet as I wrote her eulogy, and listened to her grandsons memories it struck me afresh about what is important.

“Nan always had time for me”.

“She never forgot a birthday”.

“She was a wonderful encourager”.

“She listened to me”.

A real reminder of what actually matters in life, in the eulogy no one said how much money she’d earned, or what car they drove or the size of the house they lived in, what mattered most was love.

Paul wrote “three things will last, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love”.

I wonder how we will be remembered?

Perhaps too how we will be remembered will depend on what we do now? Our choices, those things which maybe little to us, but maybe massive for those around us.

Two films came to mind as I thought about this blog:

One is A Christmas Carol, where Scrooge sees how worthless his life is, collecting Gold that he can’t take with him beyond the grave.

The other is A wonderful life, when the hero sees the world without him and realises the positive difference his life has made.

Scripture talks of building with Gold, silver and costly stones, not wood, hay or straw with get burned up… building for eternity, building with what is unperishable, investing our lives in what will last forever.

In the Bible God says three things to different people when they die.

Jesus tells of a man who spent all his money on building bigger barns, and yet died suddenly. “What does it profit a person if they gain the whole world but loose their soul?”

To this man God calls him a fool.

He may have invested his money profitably on earth but is bankrupt in the things of eternal worth and value.

Jesus tells the story of the faithful (and the unfaithful) servant who invest what God has given them wisely and well, to which we hear God say “well done good and faithful servant”.

And yet we also hear Jesus say another story, and this one is a little more challenging… to some who had done miracles, been on stage, maybe worn clerical robes and dog collars, preached sermons and written books Jesus says these scary words “I never knew you!”

We love, because God first loved us and gave his Son as an atoning Sacrifice for our sins. We love because being human meant we were made to love and be loved, we were made for relationship with God and for relationship with his world.

Sadly many go through life missing out on that relationship that transforms everything, miss out on the one thing above all else that has infinite value the God of all creations love made manifest revealed through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If you died today, what would they say about you?

Do you know and have that relationship with God through Christ that you were created for?

Love was created to be unending. Are you in relationship with the one who revealed God’s  love for the world by dying on the cross? Christ’s death and resurrection means that this love is not tempory but rather it is eternal, never ending, invites you in, and draws others in too.

A love too good to keep to ourselves.

A love that changes our behaviour.

A love that adjusts our priorities.


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