relationship with God

JESUS: “Have we met?”

At the end of the parable of the talents Jesus says “get away from me, I never knew you!”

I began to think about this, we can do lots of things “for Jesus” but still not actually know him.

I worry that sometimes we can get so busy doing so much stuff, some of really good stuff like great mission or fantastic acts of justice and compassion, that we actually loose sight of our relationship with God himself.

I worry about how often I just pray to God about stuff that I’m doing, or situations that concern me, or people who are on my heart rather than just being with God, talking to him just because I love him without requests or agendas.

Do I seek God’s face, or am I just after the works of his hands?

I worry that maybe I have lost relationship with God and replaced it with religion?

Sometimes I worry that I loose Jesus in the Churchification of life the world and everything where I feel like I am drowning in an institution rather than in a love-relationship with God the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Trinity.

In the 20 years I have worked for Churches, the bombardment of stuff has often threatened the squeeze out the one relationship that really matters above all.

So, let’s take a moment not to ask for anything, and just share your heart with God and listen and let him share his heart with you and then enjoy just being with him -coming to that place beyond words-,

Let’s keep our relationship with God as our highest priority, let us never be in the position where we hear God say “I never knew you”.


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