That’s not what a Parachute is for…

I had a coffee with my friend Rich Rycroft, and he shared an interesting modern parable.

A man accepted a parachute as he heard his friend talking about how wonderful they were, how this would transform his air travel, how much more comfortable his life would be with a parachute, an how life with a parachute is so much better.

Well, he arrived on the plane with his parachute, some people laughed at him, he couldn’t get comfy in his seat, he found it restricting too, and so he eventually took the parachute off.

When the plane crashed he died.

Another man heard of the dangers of plane crashes and how wearing a parachute will save you, although not the most comfortable thing to wear, it does save lives.

He wore his parachute and was saved.

This parable made me think.

Do we proclaim a gospel that Jesus makes everything nice, fluffy and wonderful, but never talk about salvation and eternal life.

I worry sometimes that we proclaim a gospel which is “a ticket to heaven when you die” rather than the Kingdom of God breaking out in our lives right here and right now.

Yet perhaps we have ‘over-swung’?

Perhaps we have stopped talking as much as we should about eternity?

A message of eternal life, salvation and the sure and certain hope of resurrection beyond the grave…

Yes, life with Jesus is wonderful, life in all its fullnesss does start now… but life with Jesus can be costly and calls for sacrifice.

Perhaps sometimes we have been mis-selling parachutes?


2 thoughts on “That’s not what a Parachute is for…

  1. paintingman says:

    Like all parables, the one about the parachute has it’s limitations. Parachutes are particular to one danger. God’s salvation is all singing all dancing, works for any, every and all situations. We have been selling tickets to life after death (like parachutes) rather than giving away tickets to LIFE which is beyond parabolic description.

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