Those who show up…

I am reading at the moment Andy Flanagan’s book called “Those who show up” the title is taken from a quote by John F. Kennedy “History is made by those who show up”, another facebook meme distorted the quote with the words: “History is made by those who are prepared to get their hands dirty”.

Yet I would suggest that it is more than showing up, but keep on turning up, as often gathering a few enthusiasts short term is easy but they soon drop off as apathy sets in.

Apathy is the greatest danger facing the Church of Jesus Christ in this nation.

We accept the unacceptable.

The call of Christ is to stand, it to be salt and light, to be Christ’s ambassadors, to turn this broken and upside down world the right way up for Christ, to seek his Kingdom to come here in the communities we live and work in on earth as it is heaven.

Fictional President Josiah Bartlett in the popular TV series “The West Wing” popularised the phrase -originally penned by Margaret Mead- who said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.

The truth is most things aren’t changed by millions, but normally by a few people who dream the dream of a different and transformed future.

Yet this isn’t just a blog of a motivational pep talk about the power of the individual. We as Christians have within us the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave. He (Christ) that is in us is greater than he (the devil) that is in the world.

Part of the problem is our lack of vision, we fall for the lie that our actions cannot make a difference or change the world.

We forget that we are not powerless victims tossed around by events, but rather children of God filled with his spirit and with his authority to see his Kingdom come.

Shane Claiborne says “Everyone wants a revolution, but no one wants to do the dishes”.

Yet if we are to see vision becoming a reality this often requires us to roll up our sleeves and humble ourselves. If we are to change the world then we can’t be half hearted and expect it to be cost free.

And as we think about being these people that change the world, we remember that we follow in the footsteps of the worlds greatest revolutionary, Jesus Christ.

A God who showed up.

A God that stepped into his world.

A God that chose to make a difference and to intervene, even though he knew he would be rejected by many.

A God committed to changing his world, and the lives of those within it.

A God that was prepared to humble himself and serve in the most unglamorous.

A God that paid the ultimate sacrifice.


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