Exeter: Living and Telling Mission.

Following our School of Mission weekend my boss Dave and I went to Exeter for the launch of a course he had written/re-written with a friend “Living and Telling” under the banner of Agape.

Dave had been a youth worker in Exeter for fifteen years so knew the city well and this mission weekend had evidently had happened regularly each summer with mainly students and young people.

The venue we used was unlimited Church, this Church was born by James and Liz Greer who got out and did detached youth work with signs and wonders and grew a church in a redundant church building. Exciting Missional DNA in the bricks and mortar! Also, something in this inspired me, here was a job within the Church of England that was actually doing the things I’m passionate about, sometimes when you feel disillusioned it’s good to see Jesus’ people doing his stuff.

The conference was amazing thinking about mission and particularly evangelism, looking at things like telling our story or asking good questions, on the following day we went out in pairs to chat to local people about Jesus with three questions to help facilitate a Jesusy chat…

I was paired with a young guy Josh, we ended up chatting with a really nice guy who was really open to thinking about faith, and had a good 10 minute chat til his phone went off. We then had some banter with a couple of teenagers before wandered around and ended up chatting to another young guy who was a mental health nurse who was getting married in the summer, but was pretty anti-faith and then we ended up chatting to a girl who was lovely but wasn’t what she thought about Jesus and faith, they all took some flyers for a local church and a little booklet on knowing God personally.

Success Living and Telling said was “talking about Jesus in the power of the spirit and leaving the results up to God”.

Great to be part of this and excited to what God is doing equipping ordinary people to talk about Jesus…


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