Rev’d ADHD

I’m taking this down for a while, I want to keep blogging about ADHD and about faith and life and mental health stuff, and been incredibly blessed by the response, but feel that maybe this is right to take down for a bit as perhaps over-shared, and also this is all a bit raw for me and those nearest me. Bless you, Andy


6 thoughts on “Rev’d ADHD

  1. Clare yeates says:

    Hi Andy , you know i have and am suffering with Depression anxiety and other things right now always thinking im not good enough , ive failed as a mother and as a wife and things have been really tough, ive had so much happen in my life over the past couple of years, my family being abused , my best friend dying and nearly loosing my son to Addisons disease he was five minutes away from dying , but you know my family stuck my me , stuck by each other really going through hell , court cases ect but we got through it because we have love and affection not just by each other but the love of everyone else and most importantly the love of God ,. Andy u will get through this u just need to trust in God that he loves you and so does Allana and Hope and all your friends and family around you , Remember you can do anything in Gods Strength . Im here if you need to talk i have always thought you were a bit scatty but u are just the most loving , kind and gentle person i know , Remember you were the first person to hold Jess when she was born shes nearly 14 now ,we had some fun times in winding way didnt we and u are one of the reasons i became a christian xx take care of you and be safe at this time , lots of love

  2. Anne Hartman says:

    You and Allana are very much in my thoughts. You will get through this. You are a good man and you care so much for others. Maybe this is a time when you need to try to slow down and think of yourself and those closest to you. It is a very unsettled time for many. Be kind to yourself.

  3. Helen Harwood says:

    Very moving. You are a very valuable person. I hope you find the way ahead.

    Focus us a funny thing. Too much focus can be obsession, too little and you miss the things you need to see.

    In my wider family we have OCD, Autism, and lots of Dyslexia. I hope you find out things about you that help you.

  4. Terryhollands55@gmail.com says:

    I think something of this ilk comes to many of us . Apart from suffering from anorexia from 22 I had a few depressed timespecially leading to hospitalisation in one case when I was 30 and self harming angry suicidal thoughts at 60! Still here!but not easy! Please please know that many many people admire the work for God you have/are doing and love you (difficult as you may be?!?!?)xxx

  5. Shirley Frayling says:

    Hi Andy
    We haven’t been in touch over the years but I met you at Simon’s when you first came to St Michael’s and from then I haven’t forgotten you. Remember coming to the flat one Christmas Eve I think it was, when Ian was there? You were so tired I think you fell asleep!
    I had no idea you were going through such difficult times and I’m so sorry. You are extremely brave to share all you have so publicly. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and Allana and Hope and if you would like to contact me please do. Know that God loves you and will be with you through this, however hollow that may sound at the moment.
    With love

  6. paintingman says:

    This reminds me of a life changing experience of God I had about 30 yrs ago and revived by a video I happened upon a few days ago……. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0YgNHvA-i4&t=4s
    I knew in my head that God loved me but didn’t feel it and was on a long search to integrate these 2 levels of knowing. I read a book with a long list of detail which frustrated me hugely but set me up for an experience which made me think “I have been a Christian for 27 years and I am now just beginning to understand what it is all about.” I thought this book would fix everyone else too. Sadly this didn’t work but maybe what happened was that I began to know how much I was loved when I knew how much I had been forgiven. Do please know (in the very deepest parts of who you are) that you are immensely and irrevocably loved respected and valued by Heavenly Father (check the video) even if close family are not able to mirror this very well. Knowing this enabled me to live with my own weaknesses and failings. Others still have problems with them but that’s another issue and still a work in progress.

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