Second Letter to the Church.

“Please, please, please fill me with your Holy Spirit” I heard the lady pray… This disturbed me, as I was reminded of the verses that tell us how much God desires to pour out his spirit, we do not have to beg him to come into our lives, he wants to come in and dwell within us, in fact this lady was begging God for something I believe he had already given her.

The Bible says that God has given us “all we need for life and Godliness” () we know that those God calls he also equips and is an abundant provider and yet our prayers betray our theology: “fill us afresh” indicates that we believe that we are empty and what we have is stale/stagnant. 

This ‘poverty spirit’ I believe extends to our vision, life, mission, ministry where we can believe that God has not spoken nor gifted and skilled us for the task ahead.

I believe that much of the work of ministry in the church is about unearthing that which God has already placed within us rather than expecting some supernatural download to happen out of the blue.

God has already equipped, spoken and empowered us for his mission in his world and we, as Christians, need to grasp that and walk in it.

In the film Return of the King, the final part of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, there is a wonderful part where Aaragon –has to step up and step into his destiny of Kingship which requires him to take the sword, it is a dramatic moment in the film, and for many of us I believe God has so much for us that we need to grab hold of.

One of the greatest tragedies I saw frequently in church work is people who are massively gifted for who could be doing mighty things for the Kingdom of God, never step up and become all that God has for them, but rather stay splashing around the shallow end refusing the use their potential; their talent buried (unused and utilised) in  a hole in the ground.

When we launched the School of Mission, my friend Jackie spoke about “unblocking wells” by which she meant that God has already placed great treasurers within us –amazing Holy Spirit springs of fresh, life-giving, bubbling water, but for whatever reason often our springs have got blocked up –Perhaps someone ridiculed or belittled your idea? Perhaps you have been disappointed in the past? Perhaps fear is stopping you stepping out the boat (to mix my metaphors!) Yet what amazed me was those who stepped up for prayer afterwards, many people had wonderful dreams to be released in the world, they just had never had a good midwife.

I long to see the church in the UK rise in transforming love in this nation and I often wonder “what is the key?” and in that moment I realise that God has given us the keys already the problem is that they are locked away within us.

What would it take to be someone who says “if you’ve got a crazy dream you think might be from God, lets do what we can to help you implement it”.

I’ll close with a quote from only fools and horses “you’ve gotta have a dream Rodney, because if you don’t have a dream, how you going to have a dream come true?”

What’s your dream, what has God already put inside you, I believe he’s gifted us all to change the world… Are you in?


One thought on “Second Letter to the Church.

  1. Graham Ladley says:

    Is it too simplistic to say the Church, in any well-defined terms, doesn’t know what it is trying to do, and wouldn’t be able to recognise if they attained it?

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