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The King Is Returning.

To day is Ascension Day, when Christians celebrate the return of Jesus into Heaven, yet for those disciples it must have felt more like a bereavement than a cause for  celebration.

Here was their leader, who had risen from the dead, and now he was going, leaving them.

Jesus said that it was better for him to go because God was going to send the Holy Spirit, so rather than Jesus, God in human form, being in one place at one time, he could be everywhere all at once, which is great news for the whole world… but even so, it still must have felt like a bereavement.

Could this promise be true, that Jesus had said that “we will do greater things than him?”

Then they are told that Jesus will return one day, and one day everything will be put right as God’s Kingdom fully comes on earth as it is in heaven, where every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. In God’s Kingdom there will be not injustice for every wrong is righted, every prisoner liberated and the rule and reign of Christ Jesus is experienced by all.

They are told that “just as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you”, and told to wait in Jerusalem until God sends his promised Holy Spirit, yet they wait behind closed and lock doors, hidden away in an upstairs attic room.

I cannot imagine the fear of trying to fulfill the great commission of Christ without the empowering of his Holy Spirit, which is what must have been going through their minds in the between the Ascension and Pentecost.

Yet my worry, is that so often, this is how the Church feels, bereft but not empowered.

It see and feels the problems acutely but doesn’t realize that God has also given us his solution.

God is not a God who leaves us high and dry, calls us to something and then doesn’t give us the resources to manage it.

Christians post the Ascension are (to nick an illustration from Bishop Graham Tomlin) are like Robin Hood awaiting the return of good King Richard the Lionheart where as his evil brother King John had usurped the Kingdom and was a pretender on the throne.  Robin and his men are loyal to Richard the true King, and are fighting against King John and his evil barons (such as the Sheriff of Nottingham) and reminding people that one day the true King, Richard, is coming back, bringing justice and peace to his land.


Such a wonderful wedding isnt fall a nice time to get married , how about even getting married in a castle . Maid Marian and Robin of lochsley

This is our mission, when it feels like other Kings rule us, and have the last word, and the ultimate control, the Ascension reminds us that Jesus will return.

Evil and sin will not have the last word.

Hate will not win.

The Victory is won by love.

The battle was actually won on Good Friday, when the King wore a different crown, not of Gold and Diamonds but of thorns.

The King who died for his subjects.

A King who pronounced peasants worth dying for.


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You are worth dying for!

The resurrection and the Ascension, say that Jesus isn’t dead, nor is he gone forever, but the King who has returned to heaven, will come back, for his Church, for his followers, for those who love him… this good news for a world literally groaning (like in childbirth) for the rule and reign of Christ.

Let’s proclaim the King is not dead.

Let’s proclaim that the King, the true King, will return.

I’ll end with a quote from David White “I’ve read the end of the book, and guess what, the King Wins”.

The King who was victorious, returns and invites us to his party.