IT?, presence


It is a funny word really, don’t you think?

People talk about people really having “it”?
Or loosing “it”?
Or discovering “it”?
The X factor, is just a way of trying to define “it”, it is non specific and hard to define, yet when we see “it” we know “it”.
In our current political climate everyone is debating whether Jeremy Corbyn has “it” the MPs think he hasn’t got “it” whilst others of us think he’s got “it” but they haven’t…
Although we don’t know what “it” is people have been saying Boris has it but we know Michael Gove is missing it.
Blair used to have it, and perhaps he had too much of it, that’s why today with the publishing of Chilcott we see things more as they are rather that amid the spin that used to make “it” work for them!
We have also been in Churches where they seem to really have “it” and others where we just don’t feel “it”.
I think at the heart of defining the “it” is understand what we are looking for? For example the IT Corbyn has is authenticity and integrity when people are fed up of being lied too, here us someone who has struck to his beliefs even when they didn’t do him any advantage (in fact his protest about apartheid got him arrested). Yet the “it” the political party wants is someone who can schmooze with style spinning and grinning to election victory…
The “it” of personal charisma has swept many people to power…
And the “it” in ┼┤orship or church isn’t to do with the giftedness of the preacher or the skill of the musicians but the presence of the living God.
I am wondering what it is we are really seeking as people?
What is it we are looking for?
For me “it” seems to be about happiness, fulfilment and security… The thing we know we need that makes life work, we all deep down believe that there is an “it” and “it” can be found, but where to find “it” is the key question?
Many people try and tell us they gave found “it” and can help us get “it” but most of these things, these “it’s” aren’t really IT. Not properly it. Short term it possibly, but not an “it” that actually really works and satisfies.
Jesus talks of himself being the bread of life in whom all our hungers are satisfied, the one who gives us life in all its fullness and abundance (that sounds like it could be “it” to me).
Yet Jesus says that how to find it and get it is completely different from everyone else… It is not found in good looks, fame or fortune, it is not found in the persute of pleasure but in picking up our cross and following in the way of Christ.
Whoever wants to keep his life will loose it and whoever looses his life for my sake will keep it, Jesus’ it is completely upside down and back to front.?
The ultimate question is “what’s it all about?”
Actually the real question is “who is it all about?” -Jesus.