Leviticus, small

Details, Details, Details…

The Book of Exodus starts of fantastically with an amazing story of Gods liberation and ends with a tons of details about everything.

It says to the people of Israel that God cares about everything, even the little things, nothing is too little for God to care about.
There is a phrase too “the devil is in the detail” often the pain and arguements often don’t come from the major issues but often the small details which actually stops everything.
There is a poem about the battle being lost for the want of a nail… One tiny screw can, nut or bolt can bring the greatest machine grinding to a halt.
Practice makes perfect.
But practice only makes perfect if your practice perfectly.
If you practice the right thing.
Let’s learn it correctly.
We sometimes have to learn again from scratch, relearn what we might think we already know?
Does God need to take us back to the beginning? Just as knitters sometimes have to go back right to the beginning to correct a mistake, sometimes we need to unravel all we have done to get the beginning right so that what we create is right.
Do we need to restore our foundations?
“The devil maybe in the detail, but so is the glory of God”.
“Practice makes perfect if you practice the presence of God”.
The secret is to stay close to Jesus, learning to do it his way, doing it together.
We live in a world that wants to cut corners, looks for short cuts, and compromises integrity just to get the job done.
So let’s give God our whole lives, every part, every decision,